Friday, March 30, 2012

Boy or Girl?????

Well, that's the big question around our house lately. Is it a boy or is it a girl??? As of this afternoon my beautiful daughter (Nataleigh) and her husband Jake know the sex of my first grandchild. I (along with everyone else) get to find out in about seven days. 

When I found out that I was gonna be a grandma (Gigi) way back on Christmas eve of this past year, I promised myself that I wouldn't make a single purchase for this little one until I knew what it was. This has been much, much harder that I thought it would be. UGH!!! However, not shopping can't stop me from bloggin' about shopping. So, here I am with my new blog .

Although I might be putting the cart before the horse (so to speak) in making this "Grandma Blog" before actually goin' shoppin'. . .I thought it might help pass the time. This is going to be the longest seven days of my life. But I know that the purchases will come soon, and I am pretty excited to start spoiling this precious little family sprout. hahahahaha

So, Gigi WILL be goin' shoppin' real soon, and I promise to blog about my first adventure in Grandma land as soon as I set the shopping bags down and kick the shoes off my tired feet. 

Stay tuned, Gigi will be bloggin' again soon. Until then, Hugs & Lollipops to you and yours.